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Balance & Healing

Offering acupuncture and reiki to bring renewal, ease and radiant well-being.


Welcome to Lakeside Acupuncture & Healing Arts located in Duluth, Minnesota. Acupuncture is a safe and effective modality of Chinese medicine used for over 3000 years.  Both acupuncture and shiatsu massage treat the body, mind and spirit, and can help with many ailments. They can bring greater physical ease and capacity, reduction of pain and injury, and emotional well-being.  Reiki will calm and relax you with its gentle flow of energy.


Ingrid Bloom, LAc., will help you heal and bring greater balance for you and your life! 

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Finding Ingrid as my energy healer has been a blessing for my life. Working with her has not only helped me immensely on my path to self-discovery, but it has also helped in my physical healing process. I went to Ingrid for acupuncture and Reiki, and I felt immediate and ongoing relief for a health issue. Ingrid has helped me on so many levels! She is not only a great listener that cares but she also addresses my concerns in a very reassuring way.

- Alexandra

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